Wednesday 31 October 2012

The #1 best opportunity for content marketing in the Middle East

The people in the Middle East are fast adopters of technology. The region, in-fact, leads the world in technology adoption. Internet usage is skyrocketing, with major global social networks siting growth in the region as their best.  Some of the world's best news networks spawned from the region, creating a legacy of content.

Despite all the reasons the Middle East should lead in content marketing,  arabic web content remains at only 2% of the world's content and consumption products are still largely originating from outside the region.

This represents a fantastic opportunity for businesses to stand out. Compare competing for ranking and search optimisation on the web in English and Arabic.  Creating relevant, engaging content in Arabic should be a key part of any marketing strategy in the Arab Middle East.

The info-graphic below illustrates how marketers are measuring the success of their content marketing.

Next blog post: creating strategic digital content including my #1 tip.

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