Saturday 17 November 2012

An Entrepreneur to Watch: Jaber Henzab, Young Qatari Inventor and Winner

While attending the wrap up dinner for the Global Entrepreneurship Week Qatar last night, I was fortunate enough to connect with a pleasant, matter of fact Jaber Henzab. Jaber is a recent graduate of Mechanical Engineering, Texas A and M University, Oct 2012 winner of a Stars of Science award, inventor of an automated dispenser of medication and inspiring entrepreneur.

He is one of those people that squeezes the quality out of every opportunity life offers and during his studies at Texas Aand M he participated in 5 internships around the globe from Germany to Japan and including Porsche and Toyota.

Jaber shared some of his internship experiences, one of which was life changing.  Jaber's most significant lesson was one of self awareness and personal development. Through his internship experiences, Jaber decided he wanted to be in charge of his own future when he graduated. He did not set out to be an inventor, but his passion for entrepreneurship and independence led him there.

Jaber developed a prototype of Tahi using his own resources, sought out and worked with star mentors from Education City and won significant prize money from the Stars of Science TV experience. Tahi now has investors lined up to support the development work ahead.

This is one young man to watch.

Wish you best of luck Jaber!

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