Sunday 18 November 2012

SEO and the ICEMAN are Dead

SEO is Dead from Douglas Karr

Douglas Karr shares insite into Google's new SEO approach on the slides above.

Finally - a new discovery... as if we didn't know.

People don't like to read intrusive, uninvited advertising. Content created for SEO is uninteresting.

Stories should be created for the reader/listener/viewer.

Back to basics; let's communicate in a natural way. Captivating, relevant content re-rules!

My guidelines for successful content:

  1. Keep it real
  2. Be authentic, be human
  3. Be you - you are interesting! 
  4. Be relevant to your intended audience
  5. Don't try to sell - all those guys who told you they could sell ice to eskimos... where are they now? Did they create a global ICE e-commerce business yet? 
Don't die with the Iceman and SEO. Keep on keepin' on with interesting conversation. 

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