Sunday 17 June 2012

Guy Kawasaki on Trustworthiness

In his latest book, What the Plus! Google+ For the Rest of Us. Guy Kawasaki sings the praises of projecting trustworthiness, an important attribute for communication.  I view authenticity and trustworthiness as central to creating and nurturing all relationships, from the most personal to the largest pubic audiences. We can’t lead people, thoughts, or change successfully without trust. If we want to have an impact in today’s world, in a small or big way, we are going to need people to help us and for that we need their trust.

I love the transparency happening on the web, and the expectation that it must be there. A number of months ago TechCrunch, a solid leader in the tech media space, was severely slammed all over social media for promoting brands without transparency. This action seems to have upped the stakes.  You may have noticed thought gurus now qualifying their comments on products/businesses for which they have a vested interest. That can only be a good thing.

The first rule of projecting trustworthiness is to be trustworthy. Transcending trustworthiness through words on a screen is a craft of its own, one which bestseller Kawasaki seems to have mastered.

Kawasaki’s advice on projecting trustworthiness:

·      Show up
·      Make the community better
·      Don’t attack others, stay positive
·      Keep it clean
·      Trust others first
·      Disclose your interests
·      Gain knowledge and competence
·      Resist bad means (like spamming)

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